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Quantic Movement is an artistic collective created by el based in Lugano dedicated to the creation, development and sharing of original multidisciplinary artistic projects. Quantic Movement acts locally, nationally and internationally by developing art exchanges, performances and online content in collaboration with institutions and artists. Under the artistic direction of el, the collective focuses on artistic creation through the performing arts. It aims to integrate different expressions and artistic forms through a multidisciplinary approach that promotes the exchange and dialogue between arts and cultures.

"Quantic Movement Youth Collective" is a project born in 2018 with the aim of giving young artists / and non-professionals / and to access the world of performing arts and to perform concretely on stage, working together with established choreographers on the Swiss and international scene. The project allows young artists to immerse themselves in the creation of new dance pieces through a professional approach.

For project proposals and collaborations:


"Ishtar journey into Hades"
Dance - 2019/2022 - Collaboration with the choreographer Nunzia Tirelli, Mendrisio. Reinterpretation of an original piece by Rudolph Laban from 1914.
"Break'in Hearts Reloaded"
Dance - 2018/2019 - Collaboration with the choreographer Beatrice Goetz (Compagnia MIR, Basel) and the PA Dance Academy dance school, Lugano.
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