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Echoes of Profound Depths:
EL's Visionary World of Visual Poetry


Artist's Statement: Mattia Cantoni (EL)

I am EL, an artist exploring the boundaries between reality and imagination, blending movement with metaphor. My journey is an exploration into the unknown, where choreography and conceptual art come together to provoke deep thoughts.

My art is a dialogue with the audience, delving into human emotions and experiences. Each work is a bridge between myself and the viewer, inviting discovery and challenging perceptions.

My creations explore creative potential, merging darkness and light, truth and dream, in a unique sensory dialogue. As an explorer of flesh and spirit, I aim to transcend conventional boundaries and reflect the complexity of our existence.


Performance Artistiche

1. Negro Betún:

"Negro Betún" is a live performance combining action painting and body art, inspired by Lorca, Goya, and Basquiat. EL interprets the dark creative power, blending graphic signs with body language in a powerful expression of creativity and contrast.

2. Óneiros:

"Óneiros" depicts transformation, beginning as a motionless sculpture evolving into movement. The artist explores metamorphosis and the struggle for human expression, culminating in a sculpture symbolizing authentic humanity transformed by suffering.

3. Materia Prima:

"Materia Prima" reflects on the role of art and the artist in expressing the essence of the universe and human experience. It's a project contemplating the poetic perception and artistic representation of insignificant details revealing profound universal truths.

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