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EL Mattia Cantoni artista visual art performer coreografo


Creative Storyteller, Visual and Performing Arts Innovator

EL, a Swiss choreographer and conceptual performance artist, is recognized for his innovative and imaginative performances that intricately blend action painting, performing arts, and visual art. His explorative work delves into psychology, philosophy, the language of human passions, illusionism, and the expressive power of the human body.


EL's unique approach, characterized by his ability to forge a deep connection between darkness and creativity, employs theater and almost invisible gestures on the brink of madness. This blend of elements highlights his dedication to exploring new expressive languages and continually evolving his craft.


EL's commitment to pioneering diverse artistic forms and his relentless pursuit of novel ways to communicate with his audience underscore his stature as an artist deeply engaged in the continual evolution and fusion of art.

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